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November 3, 2011

Walking the Wolds – Day Six – To Sausthorpe!

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There must be something about Sausthorpe  – – – when we first moved here, we set out for a short amble around Hundleby and ended up there.

Today, I set out to do a bit of dog training – – – and ended up there again!

It started with a, “Let’s see what there is down here!” and followed with a compulsion to keep going!

I had no map with me, of course, so followed my nose. My nose must be fairly straight, by the look of the route I took until meeting the Lincoln to Skegness road. From there, I made my way home by road – not nearly so interesting, but quiet, nevertheless, and faster. In total I’d walked four and a half miles and completed another mile and a quarter of footpath.

The footpath walked today is the one running more or less south to north from Sumpter Farm to the Partney Road.


Walking the Wolds – day five

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Day five

Another mile and a half of public footpath walked today and a bit more of my local area explored 🙂

Retracing steps to avoid the busy A16 added to the total length of the afternoon’s walk and there was some necessary pavement pounding too, but one of the joys of the local paths is meeting people who live nearby. They are always happy to share local knowledge and have a chat, and I never cease to be amazed by how much they know about us already! I’ve met people who have known instantly who I am and where I live, just from the sight of young Amos, whose reputation (at least I hope it’s his, not mine!) obviously precedes him! The lady I met for the first time today even knew that my husband does a bit of wood-turning – word travels fast and far in a rural community!

I didn’t really plan my route today, and didn’t take a map, so I was happy when a chap I’d spoken to outside his house the other week stopped to admire Amos again and told me of a footpath I might like to explore. The lady who knew about Tim’s hobby (and his family, it transpired!) also described a route I might take.

Crops of the day were: oilseed rape, leeks, broccoli and curly kale.

Drawn in on my return, the walk I did today is shown below in green over pink high-lighter:

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