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September 11, 2011


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In a list of “Things money can’t buy,” friendship must be one of the most precious.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines the word briefly:
“being friends, the relationship between friends” and “a friendly disposition felt or shown”, so I’ll go back to the root, “friend” to expand on this.

Putting aside:
“a person already mentioned or under discussion (my friend at the next table then left the room)”,
“a person known by sight” (surely not!?),
“a polite or ironic form of address”,
“a regular contributor of money or other assistance to an institution”,
“a member of The Society of Friends, a Quaker” and
“a helpful thing or quality”;

as a noun, we are left with:

1. “a person with whom one enjoys mutual affection and regard (usually exclusive of sexual or family bonds)”
2. “a sympathizer” (I quote, so I’ll leave the z where it is), “helper or patron (no friend to virtue; a friend of order)”
3. “a person who is not an enemy or who is on the same side (friend or foe?)”

For my list of things money can’t buy, 1. is the friend I have in mind, but a dictionary definition remains inadequate.

No doubt the subject of friendship is explored in depth in the fields of sociology and philosophy, but knowing nothing of either, I simply share my thoughts.

Friendship is between two people.These two people might have mutual friends or be part of a group of friends, but their own friendship is unique, with dynamics exclusive to them.
Friends enjoy each other’s company.
There is affection between the two.
There is mutual respect.
Each seeks out the company of the other and both are gladdened by the contact.
Friends are loyal and would never knowingly hurt one another.
Friendship means having fun together.
Friendship is knowing and understanding each other’s needs.
Friendship is a warm, comfortable and safe feeling.
Friends care about each other, wanting only for their happiness and well-being.
Out of friendship grows trust.
Friendship seeks no rewards, but finds them in abundance.


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