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August 21, 2011

New school year

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As far back as I can remember, late August has  brought to my mind thoughts of a new academic year.

The shortening days and autumnal hints in the air and hedgerows are evocative of the nervous but happy anticipation of a new year.

I enjoyed school, so although nearing the end of the seemingly endless and carefree Summer holiday was sad in many ways, it always brought with it the excitement, promise and fresh resolve of a new start.

After school came university; after university, teaching, so August/September continued to hold the same importance. As well as buying new pens, colouring pencils, rulers, exercise books, file paper and folders for myself, there was the joy of organising the pupils’ materials, preparing the classroom, writing out the children’s names in the crisp new register and optimistically looking forward to a happy, purposeful and successful year.

Later, being at home with babies meant that the new school year was something I missed, but watched others play out as “Back to School” displays appeared prominently in the shops and neighbours walked their children to and from school.

Before long came play-school and then “proper” school for the boys, so I was able to resume the much-loved annual activity, this time kitting out the boys and enjoying the new start vicariously.

First day of the new school year

In spite of the boys being grown up and independent and my no longer teaching, I continue to feel the urge to get ready for the new school year! I wonder if I am alone in this.

This September, young Amos will start his puppy classes – maybe I should make him a P.E. bag, sew name-tapes on his collar and lead and buy him some felt-tipped pens 😛

Or, perhaps I should go back to school myself?  Hmmm –  adult education classes – – – – maybe next year, as I think I’ll have my work cut out helping Amos with  his homework for the time being!


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